As I stare

One evening,

Drowsy day is

Preparing to sleep.

Electroplating gold,

In front of me.

On the towering

Slopes with

Bedecked snow.

Defused sun

On the horizon

Fading halo

On the twilight




Enigmatic and unseen

Vapours of a soul
In a gulf of silence.

A disc of aura,
Invoking the eternity,
For a peaceful union with:
Etheral void.

Ringing and ringing,
Into radio waves, buzz.
Trying to regain myself:
Who am I?

Here the answer is:
A dust of universe,
Changing phases,
A journey in a human form;
Pre-destined to return:
Swirling in a disc.

When I try,
To abscond myself,
In a secret den of words.
To cultivate a light:

Being hidden,
Silence echoed: a call.
To purify your ears,
Enigmatic and

Let not that melody, rancid reek

Soul in the silence sold
Life in the vaccum rolled.
And the bliss of the spirit behold
Feel, felt and here told

Washing yourself to know
And the dirt of a human to throw.
Hurt not others, physical or mental
Showing your humanity for all.

Thinking is all its needed
And to re-born a life re-loaded:
No need to dip in the waters of Ganga,
River Saraswati and that Narmada.

Watch yourself to learn: a human!
For the pleasure material do not run.
Journey immaterial,can not accomplish
Without any bliss, is hard to finish.

when you close your eyes in solitude
A soothing current flows, inside you.
Unlike, the the rapids of a rushing river.
Choose your words when, you speak.

Peace is the only! here we seek
Let not that melody, rancid reek.


If you understand it

Does not speak easily
Silent and reserved see.
All the time, pensive.
And profound, found.

Blowing with wind
Moving with cloud.
His motion of the mind,
In a slow pace practice.
To realize and to be felt,
In this vast chasm,
Of the universe.

Material body’s
Immaterial entity: the soul.
Unseen and transforming,
Changing in a cycle,
Time to time believe.

Ever an
Not an introvert easily.
Feelings are of his value,
Experience is the meaning,
Not necessary to be:

To understand
Is his thinking process
And a deep respect.
Expression reckoned
Signal beckoned.

Ephemeral life’s
Sublunary existence.
Magnet measured,
Distance seen,
Life is keen.

Feel it,
Fathom it,
To treat it deep.
Silence is loud,
If you understand it:
A mute observer
Speaking from
The void.


Listening to the rain

Fusion of clouds,
blinding light,
deafening thunder;
Delivers here:

Monsoon music,
regular rhythm,
cascading from the sky.
sedating to tranquilize,

A night,
Under the influence,
cloudburst of heaven.
Drag out all my attention,
Composing my mind,
My ears and all.

When the silence is
Decorated with:
Rhythm of the rain.

Hungry soul,
Seeker of the peace,
Relaxed; how?
He will feel.


Why one should travel Nepal.

It would be an interesting question to every traveller. Why nepal? I believe there are people who do not know there is coutry called Napal and does exist also. Further they do not know where it lies. Even if they have heard highest mountain of the world. There are many Syonymous words which represent #nepal like #gurkha #buddha #everest and finally the #trekking and the #himalayas this is for what nepal is introduced from.

If you want to see: the country of #gurkha where those renowned warriors are from. They fight against in the beginning during 1815 AD. Later on they start serving for british fighting two world wars on behalf of british and still working for them. So gurkha’s loyalty for the service is highly ranked.
Beside gurkha buddha and everest are also representative of the country. #buddha who is known in the world a prince renouncing all the wordly luxury and kingly life for the sake of happiness establishing a way of happy living philisophically later become popular as a buddhist religion. Another Everest, a highest mountain(8848meters) of the world. Named after english survayor ( Sir George Everest)who worked under former british east india company. As he have measured the height of the mountain named after him honouring to his work.

Remaining two #trekking and the #himalayas are also the highlights of #Nepal. Doing a journey on foot for couple of days till months exploring the corners of himalayan hamlets and villages. Enjoying the breathtaking high peaks. Like Everest, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Fishtail, Kanchangangha, langtang, beaide this snow caped mountains. Rural life and the culture is another aspect of travelling #Nepal we have different cultures, depending on different groups of ethnic groups and many festivals society to society. So, there is much more to explore for your curious eyes hungry mind to learn: different world than the world you living.

My suggestation one thing you should bear in mind is: LOWER DOWN THE LADDER OF LUXURY. You will not be travelling to europe and america with sophisticated facility. It is just to prepare your mind in advance, as you are travelling to a developing mountain country. There could be difficulties during travel unexpected things can happen. Giving you a memorable life experience to create stories to share. So say NEPAL AT LEAST ONCE IN A LIFE TIME. It is vast in terms of geography culture and history even if it covers a very small figure(0.03%) of the earth but not enough at a time to cover in a single travel.

A ruined embryo

Floating fetus
Instead growing
unwanted miscarriage
future of a life finish.
Agony and the sad cry
Of a motherhood
Speak aloud.

All the preparation
Of Brooding brain eggs
laid back life on paper
In a dream ready to recite
As I lift the paper on hand
Morning alarm disturb
In my dream and broke
inarticulated sleep.

An embryo ruined
Before it is hatched.
And I am reading
A dream: unharvested.


Let’s go to the mountain

They are tall and so very massive
Beautiful and they’re so attractive.
Landscape must there be scenic,
When for the himalayas you seek.

Visit Nepal! here is calling again,
Come on let’s go to the mountain.

Beautiful it is, landscape serence!
Feel the distance experience gain.
Do some venture, being little bold,
Summer mild & winter will be cold.

Visit Nepal! here is calling again,
Come on let’s go to the mountain.

Are you longing? mountain to see,
You may have a dream, here to be.
Here In the land of: the himalayas,
Mt Everest and buddha is: a badge.

Visit Nepal! here is calling again,
Come on let’s go to the mountain.

To relieve from stress and anxiety,
In the rural wayfaring from the city.
Be close to nature, feel the peace!
To your eyes some soothing ease.

Visit Nepal! here is calling again,
Come on let’s go to the mountain.