As I stare

One evening,

Drowsy day is

Preparing to sleep.

Electroplating gold,

In front of me.

On the towering

Slopes with

Bedecked snow.

Defused sun

On the horizon

Fading halo

On the twilight




Heavy head!
Whistling tender,
Soothing flow.

A brook where,
Swimming feelings,
In a green velley.

Mature summer,
Onset of autumn.
And the dying day,
Breeze me, cool!
Revoking my sanity
Madness return.

And again,
Operose, I lost,
Deep into insanity.
Searching solace,
Digging words:
To drink.


Like yesterday

Reminiscence, when!
Giggles to my manhood.
Those immature smiles,
Of childhood: digging.

Those propellers played
From the temporary bamboo bark.
Those terraces and the friends,
Blend of laughters and momentary
Disagreements, commingled how?
In childish psychology.

As time turns and takes,
Each one to continue the life ahead:
Spread apart to graze, like the herd
Of: cattles to forage for food.
In the pasture.

Memories become
A lost dream today.
Those ladders up and stairs down.
In the immensity of silence.
When I am carried into the past.

Those embedded
Scars of life, I’ve gone through.
Wake up alive today,
Days gone by like yesterday.


When you peep : a look

Before the sun
We used to reach Sarangkot!
To catch the rising sun.
To show to the tourist & to watch.
Illuminated Annapurna
And Fishtail.

Those Travellers
Who, finds heaven, close here.
When, valley: Pokhara remains
Hidden Under the sea of clouds.
Up north shines the Himalaya!
Smearing golden rays on the snow.

Experience taken those
Are now, the stories of the past
Corona blocked the way of the travellers.
And unemployed guide today:
Wayfaring in imagination.
Expecting those days to return,
With hope, looking after
The cow in the barn.

Looking for Laxmi
When I to exchange the milk
Down to the Pokhara went.
As I turn northward find:
Whispering a bashful smile.
With clouds at height.
Sleepy eyes kneading to open
I see you: Annapurna
And Fishtail.

That dulcet smile,
Many a days later seen.
When you peep: a look,
Shifting a little;
Purdah of cloud.


Annapurna peaks and Fishtail seen from Sarangkot between thw layers of cloud.

Still where, my peregrine roam

A vague melancholy
Of: autumn, whispers.
When leaves are seen
Painted, yellow.

Among the silence,
Barking moonlight molten
Pulling my eyes and
Hauling, like a dog on
The irradiated silver glow
To satisfy my eyes.

Where my
Outlandish nomad
Brings me back into the past.
A memory lane breathing:
A rush of a river filming on eyes,
Invoking a soft foam of bygone.
Where my perambulant soul
Traversing to explore.

Following the cairns
Through the autumn haze.
Tracking trails, a dream!
Imagination, still where,
My peregrine roam.


While walking

Around the country
Green terraces
With paddy.

Something is coming:
A noise of communal mix.
And a farmer led by
Barking dog.

on hind legs
Examin standing alert
Then run away.

I went on
Enjoying the
Lush green summer
Of the ricefield.



Inhumed firebrand
From the hearth
To incite into:
A flame.

Early morning
Searching the flakes of fire
Among the ash.
He is trying to revive
The fireplace again.

To heat up the water
To feed the cow
When no trace of living ember found
Matchbox from the pocket is
Employed to ignite.

Along with sulphuric smell
The hearth is injected.
And a living fire fumed
Emitting smoke from the roof.
A kettle on the hearth
Is placed.

Until he clean the bedded floor
Water is warm enough
To feed and to clean the udder.
His employed fingers milking,
Bucket is now filled.
And providing grass,
Homeward he headed.

For another duty:
To deliver
The milk.

Brain wave

Staring on
A foggy afternoon.
Drizzling day of:
Wet monsoon.

Hanging curtain
Whitewashed and vague.
Hiding something:

A fathomless sky,
Creep in the air: that vine.
You did not see me,
In the volcano:
Fuming ash and
Flowing lava.

Canopy of
The cloudy umbrella.
You did not see in the rain
The vault of rainbow.
Open the curtain

Any time
Can fusillade,
Dormant, not dead.
Brain wave.


In a glint

Unable to walk,
Turn into a statue,
When a passing shadow;
Toward me move.
Dressed like cloud,
Luminous and

And a clear view of
Unscaled enigma digging:
Vibrant laser light of her eyes.
As I scream in a draculian horror.
Thousand sparks fusillade and
Riding, unbriddled pegassus,
Skyward she drift.

Rowing air
With a broom:
A paddle in a azure depth.
When I return to my eyes
From induced state of

Hallucination of: a dream
Vanish in a glint.


Dancing in the dark

falcon of the day
A bare emptiness
On my mind.

A vague longing
Dragging where?
To this human soul.
Seeking solace
From the risk of

A cold night
Below the mountain pass
Desolate wind howling.
Where two perambulant,
Raise the tent and
To fetch the water.
Went to the source:
Frozen was the river.

Breaking the ice
We scoop the water
And to warm: the fire
Thorny splinters burn.
Night struck in terror
As the rocks falling
Invisible in the dark

Hidden moon
In a narrow valley
of Ganjala pass
Gradient going down
And beside the fire
I am waiting:

Prospect of
The morning light
Swirling: a hope.
And winged sparks
In the dark.


After Ganjala pass (Langtang Nepal)

Den of words

Casting gold,
When eastern rays,
Irradiate the;
Morning aura.

Hope of life dragging,
When I was loitering
By the river bank
Early morning.

Vacant faces staring,
To the departed spirit,
Of a cadaver laid on the pyre;
Next to the swallow river.
And a mendicant, holy!
Doing his morning rituals.

Constrast of: its vivid images,
On the same spot.
Scattered smell of the burned flesh,
Assault on my nose.
As the funeral pyre inflamed.

I knew how,
Money lost its meaning,
As death treats equally;
Not asking to take their wealth.
As that flesh of selfish “I”
Has to join with
Elemental dust.

And the spirit
Unites with echoing
Cosmic void, and when
Sand collectors.
Start digging the hope
Of life again

I start digging
hideout to my
Ephemeral life
Into a den of words.
To live forever
And ever.